Hello and welcome to www.gleedery.com. This website will tell you all I know about the history of people with surname GLEED who were born before 1900. There is also a limited amount of information about people who were born after 1900 and about people with surnames which are variants of Gleed.  
  There are three sections: Indexes, Families and Sources. If this is your first visit to my website, I suggest that you will most easily familiarise yourself by first looking up the Gleed who interests you in the appropriate Index, then at the Family indicated there and finally, check the Source of my information. All files are provided in 'Word' to simplify integration in your own records.    
  If you need help, have additional information or would just like to chat about Gleed Family History you will be most welcome to contact me. I also know that also included here are some careless mistakes and hangovers from earlier records which I promise to eliminate as quickly as I can. If you spot any of these errors or would like me to delete any item for personal reasons, then I need to hear from you as soon as possible so that I can do whatever is necessary.    
  At present, the records are as held at 14th April 2006. To download all the 'Word' files, there are ZIPs of them here. You can contact me on contact@gleedery.com    
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